Entre chien et loup

Bye Bye Germany

Sam Garbarski


Laura Schroeder

Beyond the Mountains and Hills

Eran Kolirin

When The Day Had No Name

Teona Strugar Mitevska

Don't tell her

Solange Cicurel

King of the Belgians

Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth

Everybody Happy

Nic Balthazar



Entre Chien et Loup's production policy focuses on high quality content. In both feature and documentary film, our production philosophy remains firmly committed to this principle, and it is thanks to this particular emphasis that we have succeeded, since our creation in 1989, in imposing ourselves on the European audiovisual market.

Maintaining and developing an ongoing access to distribution networks in the audivisual sector involves a permanent and formidable challenge, particularly in a social environment where pre-digested image consumption has become standard. However Entre Chien et Loup remains faithful to its basic intention: making films that combine a committed style of direction, of authorship and of topic, a strong sense of cinematography, and the appropriate production that allows for their fullest ambition to be expressed.

Over the course of time, this obstinacy has paid off.


Entre Chien et Loup

entre chien et loup - Sébastien Delloye

Sébastien Delloye



entre chien et loup - Thibault Ruslet

Thibault Ruslet

Post-production Assistant


entre chien et loup - François Touwaide

François Touwaide



entre chien et loup - Gaelle Verstraeten

Gaelle Verstraeten

Financial Director


entre chien et loup - Coline Lechat

Coline Lechat

Production Assistant


entre chien et loup - Joyce Thiry

Joyce Thiry

Junior Accountant


entre chien et loup - Raquel Morte

Raquel Morte

Production Assistant


entre chien et loup - Julie Moraglia

Julie Moraglia

Development of TV series


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