Entre chien et loup


Death For Sale

Drama : 117', 2012
Directed by Faouzi Bensaïdi
With : Faouzi Bensaïdi - Fehd Benchemsi - Fouad Labiad - Imane Elmechrafi
Tetouan, a city wedged between a hill and an imposing mountain. Malik, Allal and Soufiane are three friends who live off petty crime. One day, they decide to change their lives and their destinies. They are going to rob a large jewelry store in the city. But soon, their motivations for the robbery diverge and set them against each other. Malik, 26, unemployed, is madly in love with Dounia, prostitute in the nightclub. If he agrees to take part in the robbery, it’s surely to save her. Allal, 30, is a tough guy, tall and strong. He doesn’t understand how or why his best friend, Malik, is in love with Dounia. If he wants to rob the jewelry store, it’s to have the capital to become a major drug boss. To become one of the new powers in the city. Soufiane, 18, is a high-school student who skips all classes except for sports. Agile, fast, solid and a bon vivant, his life changes radically one day. If he decides to take part in the robbery, it’s to kill the store’s owner. A city constantly under the weight of a low, heavy sky, three losers, a woman, a jewelry store, dreams of more …

Assistant du producteur

Marchese Gabriella


Bensaïdi Faouzi


Bensaïdi Faouzi

Directeur de la photo

Batigne Marc-André

Ingénieur du son

Mendez Patrice

Chef décorateur

Benjelloun Itaf

Créateur des costumes

Rahil Nezha

Musique originale

Horowitz Richard

Key cast

Bensaïdi Faouzi

Key cast

Benchemsi Fehd

Key cast

Labiad Fouad

Key cast

Elmechrafi Imane

1er AD

Lamriki Amine

1er assistant caméra

Bersou Anne-Françoise


Entre Chien et Loup


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Agora Film


Heimatfilm GmbH



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Urban Distribution int.


Visions Sud Est Fund


Mormal Philippe SPRL


Lorto SPRL


Ervico SA
Festivals and awards


-Festival de Tanger

-Berlin -Panorama

-EFM Berlin

-African/Asian/Latin America FF-Italy-Milan

-Taipei Golden House

-Arabisches Film Festival-Tubingen- Allemagne

-Galway African Film

-Sydney FF

-Midnight Sun FF- Finland

-Institut Français en Jordanie

-Brasilia IFF-Brazil

-Osian's Cinefan FF - New Delhi - India

-Rialto FF - Amsterdam

-Manaki Brothers FF - Macedonia

-African Films in Cologne

-International Crime and Punishment FF - Istambul -Turkey

-Printemps du Cinéma Arabe - La Clef - Paris

-Film Frazor - Films From the South - Oslo - Norway

-Arab FF - San Francisco

-Festival du film franco-arabe - Trianon de Romainville

-Festival Africa in Motion - Edimburgh - UK

-Cinemed - Montpellier - France

-MoMa - USA

-Cinémas d'Afrique d'Apt - France

-Carthage FF - Tunisia

-Latin Arab IFF - Argentina

-World Cinema Ale Kino+ Festival - Poland

-Kochi IFF - India

-New York Arab and South Asian FF - USA

- Festival International du Film de Marrakech

- Golden Iris Award et Prix Cineuropa au Brussels Film Festival


-Toronto Film Festival

-Abu Dhabi Film

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