Entre chien et loup



Drama : 100', 2013
Directed by Yuval Adler
With : Shadi Mar'i - Tsahi Halevy - Hitham Omari
Israeli secret service handler OMRI ORBACH works overtime to engineer the assassination of the most wanted militant in the West Bank, Ibrahim al-Masri, leader of Bethlehem’s al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. Orbach’s specialty is recruiting and running Palestinian sources, “human assets” and his most prized asset is SANFUR, Ibrahim’s younger brother. Sanfur, a conflicted 17-year-old and black sheep of the family, was recruited by Orbach when he was fifteen. Orbach developed a real relationship with the teenager and became somewhat of a father figure to him. Sanfur is now torn between Orbach and his loyalty to his brother. He lies to both, trying to maintain the untenable situation. But everything unravels when the Israeli Army assassinates Ibrahim. Sanfur cuts relations with Orbach and joins BADAWI, Ibrahim’s successor. As the new leader of al-Aqsa, Badawi proves even more dangerous than Ibrahim. His Bedouin origins make him a second-class citizen in Palestinian society, which drives him to take huge risks in order to prove himself. He is eager to avenge Ibrahim’s death with a spectacular attack deep inside Israel. But such attacks cost money and all of al-Aqsa’s money sources went through Ibrahim. Sanfur finds ways to help Badawi reconnect with some of his brother’s sources. Orbach gets wind of this but is helpless to stop it. Having his source ‘turn’ to the other side puts his entire career in jeopardy. He applies immense pressure on Sanfur’s immediate environment but fails to ‘bring him back in’. Just as it seems that everything comes together for Badawi and Sanfur, Sanfur slips and his past relationship with Orbach is revealed. Collaborators are usually executed without a trial. But Badawi has something else in mind for Sanfur.


Pie Films LTD


Adler Yuval


Adler Yuval

Key cast

Mar'i Shadi

Key cast

Halevy Tsahi

Key cast

Omari Hitham


Gringo Films


Real Fiction Film Verleih


Four Corners


Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (FWB)
Festivals and awards

2013 - Venice Days Festival (Won the FEDEORA Awards for best feature)

2013 - TIFF

2013 - Haifa International Film Festival

2013 - Ophir Awards (Israeli Academy of Film and Television)

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