Entre chien et loup

Beyond the Mountains and Hills

Drama : 89', 2017
Directed by Eran Kolirin
With : Mili Eshet - Noam Imber - Shiri Nadav Naor
David is discharged from the army after serving for twenty seven years. He returns to his home and his family after being distanced from them for years, and tries to find himself in his new civilian life. He believes that, like his friends who retired from the military before him, he too will find his way in some managerial position in the private sector, but he has difficulties adapting to the pace of the “new Israel”, a competitive culture obsessed with success and money. More often than not, he finds himself alone at home, watching a morning show on TV or listening to the radio. When a friend suggests working for a company that markets dietary supplements, David sees this as an opportunity to get his foot into the door of the business world and make something of himself. But this decision slowly gets him and his family entangled in the web of dark forces that rule life in Israel.


Kolirin Eran


Kolirin Eran

Ingénieur du son

Bombey Dirk

Key cast

Eshet Mili

Key cast

Imber Noam

Key cast

Nadav Naor Shiri

Chef maquilleur

Dubray Véronique

Producteur délégué

July-August Productions


The Match Factory GmbH

Ventes internationales

The Match Factory GmbH


Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles (FWB)


Casa Kafka Pictures
Festivals and awards

2016: Festival de Cannes (Un Certain Regard)

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