Entre chien et loup


Comme à Ostende

Drama : 52', 2007
Directed by Delphine Lehericey
With : Myrto Procopiou - Jan Hammenecker - Simon André - Marc Bodnar - Ségolène Van Der Straten
Maria lives in Paris, Leo lives in Brussels. They’ve been separated for a year. But the distance doesn’t help them put an end to their break-up. One morning, Maria recieves an ultimate phone call from Leo, who pleads her to leave him alone. By day, Leo is a psychanalyst, and by night, he holds the family night shop. Leo must take a painful decision, he must drive his father, who has Alzheimer’s disease, to an old people’s home in Ostende. Maria is lost, fragile and has no bearings. She impulsively leaves Paris, in hope of gaining back her past life, of seeing Leo again. It’s time to leave for Ostende for Leo and his father. Maria travels with them, and on the way she discovers the reasons of this journey. A night on the beach renders the illusion of a couple reunited. Kidnapped from the old people’s home by Maria, Leo’s father goes missing. Each goes off in search for him, they end up meeting. As the beach slowly empties, they both remember.


Lehericey Delphine


Lehericey Delphine

Directeur de la photo

Godefroy Sébastien

Ingénieur du son

Michaux Matthieu

Chef décorateur

Cauville Mathieu

Créateur des costumes

Dubois Agnès

Monteur image

Ryckaert Ewin


Hintjens Arno


Gillain David

Key cast

Procopiou Myrto

Key cast

Hammenecker Jan

Key cast

André Simon

Key cast

Bodnar Marc

Key cast

Van Der Straten Ségolène

Producteur délégué

Entre Chien et Loup


Artemis Productions
Festivals and awards

Festival International du Film de Locarno (Suisse) 2007

Compétition "Cinéastes du Présent"

Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur (Belgique) 2007

Festival du Film d'Ostende (Belgique) 2007

Festival International du Film Francophone de Tübingen - Stuttgart 2007-

Compétition Officielle

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