Entre chien et loup


Nature contre nature

comedy : 94', 2004
Directed by Lucas Belvaux
With : Lucas Belvaux - Raphaele Godin - Catherine Mouchet - Jacques Spiesser
Sébastien Chantoux, a psychoanalyst, has decided to move to St Martin-Château in the Creuse. As he settles in, he discovers an association called "Barter’In Creuse", an association inspired by the S.L.E. (Systems of Local Exchange), a barter system in which you can exchange something for something else. Sébastien learns that St Martin-Château is full of an unusual clientèle which is used to bartering. Initially reluctant to barter his analyst sessions, Sébastien finally accepts the idea. Little by little, his schedule fills up as well as his pantry… Sébastien falls in with the locals customs, even going so far as to diversify his analytical methods so as to hold sessions in the forest with a depressive hunter in exchange for a rabbit. Robert, a farmer, has his sessions while milking his cows ; apparently it frees his subconscious. In a few weeks, Sébastien becomes well-known in the district, all without spending any money. The only person upset by this is Laplace, the president of the P.A.C., The Psychoanalytical Association of the Creuse. He read in the press about Sébastien’s unorthodox sessions and orders him to stop at once. His tone is threatening but Sébastien resists thanks to the support of "Barter’In Creuse". One week later the threat knocks on his door with the appearance of Ms. Oudinot, tax inspector. War is declared. "Barter’In Creuse" against the P.A.C., the shared economy vs unchecked capitalism. With the help of his friends from "Barter’In Creuse", Sébastien looks for a way to fight back. Learning from a patient that Laplace has a passion for bank notes, they put together a plan to bring him down. Unhappily, it fails.. In desperation, they alert the press. The regional TV channel shoots a segment on Sébastien’s unusual sessions, interspersed with interviews with well-known psychoanalysts who confirm that his method is completely acceptable. But his ultimate salvation comes from where he least expects it : Ms. Oudinot, won over by the philosophy underpinning "Barter’In Creuse", has found a way to solve Sébastien’s problem. A tax commission is going to meet to settle his case. She promises to defend his cause. Meanwhile, "Barter’In Creuse", decides to organize a protest march in front of the tax office. When the big day comes, everyone is there. They sing, they dance and they sign petitions. In his office, Laplace watches everything on his TV, defeated. Ms. Oudinot, triumphant, comes out of the tax office. Sébastien can pay his taxes in kind and his case will become a legal precedent. The next day, the mayor’s office organizes a reception in Sébastien’s honour. The Mayor awards him a medal. Several months later, the amendment Chantoux is adopted by the National Assembly. You can now pay your taxes in kind.




France Télévisions - Pôle France 3


Gaget Jean-Luc


Belvaux Lucas


Belvaux Lucas

Directeur de la photo

Milon Pierre

Ingénieur du son

Mertens Pierre

Chef décorateur

Belvaux Frédérique

Créateur des costumes

Raoul Nathalie

Monteur image

Anezin Danielle


Del Fra Ricardo

Monteur son

Wick Béatrice


Rousseau Gérard

Key cast

Belvaux Lucas

Key cast

Godin Raphaele

Key cast

Mouchet Catherine

Key cast

Spiesser Jacques


Agat Films



Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (FWB)

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