Entre chien et loup


The Medellin Diaries

Documentary : 90', 1998
Directed by Catalina Villar
Medellin, Colombia, the city made famous by the cocaine cartels. It is the home of chronic violence and misery, and is overpopulated by peasants fleeing the guerrillas. Young children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to the street wars, and cling to anything remotely protective. But at one high school a remarkable teacher is working on an innovative project. The teacher asks the students to commit to "a big experience - to write the most important book in the world, more important than 100 Years of Solitude! You are going to tell, the story of your life." While improving their language and writing skills, the teacher hopes the students will understand it is possible to overcome the greatest of obstacles. Millerdad and Sandra, Maria Eugenia, Doralba and others recount the kindness of their mothers, the absence of their fathers, the fight to survive, and their will to go on. The film shows them discussing their writings in class, helping each other develop the all-important capacity, for listening.




RTBF (Télévision belge)


Villar Catalina

Directeur de la photo

Sanchez Mendez Carlos

Ingénieur du son

Sanchez Mendez Carlos

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Salazar César

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Commission Européenne

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JBA Production


Entre Chien et Loup


ARTE France Cinéma
Festivals and awards

2001 :

Prix du mérite - Association des étudiants d’Amérique Latine

 1998 :

Nyon Film Festival (Suisse) :

 Prix du meilleur documentaire et audience

Prix "Découvertes" SCAM (France)

Grand Prix

Festival Amas Cultura (Portugal)

Grand Prix

Festival Documentaire de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle (Espagne)

Gold Conch

IFFI Festival (Inde)

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