Entre chien et loup


Sommeil trompeur

Documentary : 54', 1999
Directed by Pierre-Paul Renders
Through the portrait of a Doctors Without Borders mission in a small city in the heart of Angola, this film describes the devastation that a little known disease, trypanosomiasis (or sleeping sickness) is causing. It is a disease that is on the rise once again in Africa. We will hear the voice of those touched by this illness (doctors and patients). They will tell us of their battle with this mortal epidemic, an epidemic which had been all but eradicated 25 years ago, but which has returned today because of the civil wars. They denounce the negligence of the industrialized countries toward this disease, a disease ignored by the research of the pharmaceutical industry. The fact that there will be no voice offs (we will hear only the interviews of those touched by this illness) will enable us to describe with modesty and restraint a situation that is dire, in a tone that is moving, but not tear-wretching. In addition to the information on this unknown reality and certain scenes that are jolting, there is a tone of human warmth, and even humour.


Renders Pierre-Paul

Directeur de la photo

Saint-Martin Virginie

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Sterpin Igor


Sterpin Igor


Goossens Michel

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Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (FWB)

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Entre Chien et Loup


Médecins sans Frontières


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