Entre chien et loup



Drama : 102', 2009
Directed by Amos Kollek
With : Moshe Ivgy - Ran Danker - Karen Young - Phyllis Somerville - Jenya Dodina - Tzachi Grad - Dudu Topaz
Moche seems to have hit rock bottom. His businesses are sinking. Twenty years ago, in Israel, he was a promising poet but the recognition enjoyed at that time didn’t reach his expectations. After the birth of his son, he decided to move to New York, looking for fortune. He never came back. Tzach is a handsome young man, a soldier of the Israeli army. Following his mather’s death, Tzach finds the address of his father among his mother’s personal affairs. He decides to call him, giving a shape to years of constrained rage and anger. This unexpected contact disrupts Mose’s life also and the world of denial he had built during years begins to crumble. The film deals both with the father-son relationship, and the illusory quest for redemption.


Kollek Amos


Measroch Delphine

Directeur de la photo

Saint-Martin Virginie

Chef décorateur

Meighen John

Chef décorateur

Shayer Yoram

Monteur image

Sehayek Isaac

Key cast

Ivgy Moshe

Key cast

Danker Ran

Key cast

Young Karen

Key cast

Somerville Phyllis

Key cast

Dodina Jenya

Key cast

Grad Tzachi

Key cast

Topaz Dudu

Producteur délégué

Hamon Production

Producteur délégué

Pie Films LTD


Amerique Film


Twenty Twenty Vision


Delloye Sébastien


Entre Chien et Loup


Paradise Films
Festivals and awards

Berlin 2008 – Première mondiale – en compétition

Festroia FF 2008

Chumugmuro Seoul IFF 2008

Toronto FIFF 2008 – Première américaine

Norkoping FF Flimmer 2008

Warsaw IFF 2008

Montpellier IFF 2008 – Antigone d’Or

New York Israel FF


Festival of Jewish Cinema Australia – Première australienne

Arras IFF

Ljubljana FF

Black Nights FF Tallinn

Miami Jewish Film Festival

KOLNOA Israeli FF Warsaw 2009

Istanbul IFF 2009

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